How to Pound Meat

If you find yourself in the sticky predicament of not having a meat mallet/tenderizer/pounder (insert another term for the same utensil) then this will be an innovative alternative.  Your friends might think you are crazy, but you can feel like MacGyver for solving this domestic problem.

The solution: a frying pan.

Yes, I am asking you to use your pan as a tool to pound that meat like there’s no tomorrow.  It gets the job done and can be your easy fix until you decide to purchase a handy meat mallet.

Meat Mallet Results

Simply lay the meat on a cutting board and cover with parchment paper or plastic wrap.  While holding the handle of the frying pan pound the meat until it is your desired thickness.  The frying pan method works well since the meat will flatten more uniformly due to the larger surface area.

One thought on “How to Pound Meat

  1. Being a witness to this firsthand… The entertainment value is somewhere around a 9/10!

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