Who is this girl?

My name is Ives.

Foodie. Friend. Sister. Daughter. Dog-lover. Adventurer. Traveler. Fitness buff. Pharmacist.

Stealing kisses. Stealing my heart.

I am a passionate person and give 100% of my creativity to everything I do–especially in the kitchen.  Join me and my dog, Teek, on our kitchenista adventure.  Originally from Bosnia,  my family immigrated to the U.S. when I was 4 years old as a result of the Bosnian War.  I spent the majority of my years in the AMAZING state of Wisconsin (best of the Midwest) and I moved out to Seattle last year.  I have embraced the PNW lifestyle, even naming my cooking blog after my dog– hence, BonAppeTeek. Teek is from South Africa, and his name is short for apteek, which translated from Afrikaans means pharmacy. Oh yes, did I mention I was also a super nerd?

I grew up in the kitchen.  No matter what chapter of my life I reflect on, the kitchen is where most of the memories began. Despite living in a small Seattle apartment (that comes with an even smaller Seattle kitchen), I am pursuing my dream and sharing my love for damn good food through this blog.  You will get to experience a taste of different cultures, cooking techniques, twists on classics, and a lot of story-telling. I have a feeling this will be our most exciting adventure yet!

Bon Appeteek:)

P.S. I am always trying to improve my recipes and make cooking fun and easy, so please leave a cri-teek (get it???), ask a question, or get in touch!

Learn more about my story and what a South African Weimaraner and a Bosnian/Midwest girl are doing making a mess in the kitchen.


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